Outperformance Continues Dec 2012 +23.97% (Closed)

For the OP Income Newsletter, Dec’2012 portfolios delivered +23.97% on maximum of 27% capital employed based upon OP Capital allocation principles in line with risk/reward. This excludes all the results from OPNExtra! Trades e.g. GOOG (+100%), AAPL (many trades), MCP and many more. If however, a benchmark is chosen with an assumption of 10% per trade, the Dec’12 results will be inflated.  You may choose whichever method you like to calculate, I shall still encourage to use my suggested allocation, even if it means lower conservative official results, as that’s what I also use to gauge my personal portfolio management.

Fiscal cliff concerns were creating uncertainties, and employing large capital would not have been without its risks thus we used our capital efficiently re-deploying it once a portfolio is closed. During December, I temporarily scaled back on OPNExtra! as IMHO market conditional were not optimal. While OPNExtra! is good, allow me to make the distinction very clear; our key objective is income trading and deliver 5-7% returns per month via diversification, scalability and appropriate risk management. Think of OPN Extra! as additional sweetner.

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This month has been another good test of OPN Income trades. The OPN Income approach has been tested by various market conditions since 2007 and it is still delivering consistent realistic results that are scalable for retail investors.

We are primarily trading VOLATILITY and NON-DIRECTIONAL income trading strategies. The key objective is to preserve capital while gradually building gains as oppose to trading in hopes-n-dreams and lose capital. Subscription are currently open and there is no wait listing fee. The objective is still the same as it was 60 months ago i.e. 5-7% monthly gains on invested capital. OP Income Newsletter is NOT a GET-RICH-QUICK-NEWSLETTER. As proven time and again, the market neutral and volatility strategies that we trade are scalable and diversified.

Here is a quick feedback from one of the OPN members, you may kindly read more here.

Exp- So far, the service has exceeded my expectations. I was a bit hesitant at first to sign up, mainly due to the price, with many competing services offered at this price level.

As I mentioned above, the service has exceeded my expectations as a result of excellent risk management. Other services I’ve used are very vague and do not use specific guidelines like OPN. The reminders to close trades, along with the recommended allocation for each trade is very helpful. So far, OPN has done an excellent job of taking edge when given, and limiting losses when trades do not go as planned.

So far, so good. Nicely done with OPN DEC 2012 Portfolio.

I would highly recommend the service to friends, but only if they were trading a 25-30k portfolio, since I feel like 5-10k portfolio would not justify the cost of the service.

Improvement- For the most part, all is well, so keep up the good work! One thing I wouldn’t mind seeing more of are more frequent updates regarding general market conditions. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a more active discussion forum.

Chris Lee, NYC, USA

Just to reinforce, earning trades are covered under OPNExtra! which is FREE for the OPN members and is not available for others.

Value Delivered by OptionPundit Income Newsletter

If you are still not an OPNewsletter member, this probably will be one of the most interesting years to join. I am aiming for 2x S&P500 returns in 2013. For those who may be interested in following me on Twitter, you can find @OptionPundit at Twitter.com/OptionPundit

Happy Trading, OP



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