Options Trading : The Hidden Reality (Offer for OP readers)

Further to my post (click here) about “Options Trading : The Hidden Reality”, I sent a courtesy note to Charles (the author of the book) mentioning that I have profiled his book on mywebsite. He liked OptionPundit blog and has offered a 10% discount as well as 1 free chapter to all the OP Readers. Please mention “optionpundit” as discount or promotional code and you will be offered 10% discount. (Disclaimer : Please note that I am recommending only the book, other things you may choose as you like).

This is another way OptionPundit try to get benefits for its readers and save valuable dollars. Here is the promotional link from RiskDoctor, so please use this link instead of Amazon:

At the bottome of the page it says:
Now you can have a taste of Chapter 1 and other Excerpts.
Yes, It Is FREE!
Click Here to Download in PDF format!

Here is my actual e-mail:
From: OptionPundit [mailto:optionpundit@gmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 4:14 AM
To: charles@riskdoctor.com
Subject: Your Book profiled on my blog
Name: OptionPundit
e-mail: optionpundit@gmail.com
Subject: Your Book profiled on my blog
Message: Hi Charles, Risk doctor,
This is to let you know that in my reading lists I have profiled your book
“Option Trading : The Hidden Reality”. You may check out here :
The views are solely mine and I am introducing this book to my readers. I am
not looking for any affiliation fee etc. If there is something you can offer
to my reader that will be great.
Pls let me know if any issue or questions at OptionPundit@gmail.com







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