Jan 19, 2007; So what?

Today is Jan’07 options expiration day. Those who would like to trade the whole day, options may offer great opportunity. All the theta gains as most will have zero time value by the end of the day. High theta ATM options may offer dramatic percentage gains. The option will move in tandem with the stock, so for those technical charts lovers who are looking for rebound or sell-off, maybe a great day to leverage. Other thing to note is the “pinning action”. So look for stocks that you might think will be pinned down to nearest strike. Not a list to recommend, some great names to start are Google (GOOG), IBM (reported earning last night so you may advantage of the movement it is about to offer), Apple, Goldman Sach(GS), etc.  Watch out : Before placing any trades, I would suggest please run a complete risk/reward analysis. The whole investment may also be lost without understanding well on how to take advantage of options expiration. Till then, profitable Friday folks,







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  1. […] Proft from Google options expiration due to pinning, with reference to my earlier post here : As this was my first time to test this, I did a paper trade. I played GooG via an Iron Fly: sold Jan 07 490call, bot 500 call, sold 490 put, bot 480 put. Overall credit $3.30 at the beinning of the day. After lunch I could have bought it back for $1.30. That is $2.00 return on $6.70 margin. Overall 29% ROM in one day. Since I didn’t caputre the screenshot, I can’t share actual prices at opening, but you can check this out in any option calculator. Look at the intraday chart…GOOG continued to play between $486 and $491 […]

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