OP’s take

Needless to say everyone is writing about whether or not it’s a sell-off? Dow has breached 50 days moving average (as well as 25X3 displaced MA), SPX and NASDAQ are no different. VIX is higher than 13…..last time it was higher than 13 in Sept 2006…but hey wasn’t market rising since then vs. falling….the thing that I find different here is that DMA for dow is broken for first time since July 2006….to me if market closes either where it is now or below this level (12:40pm), intuitively it seems sell signal to me, at least for dow. But hey, i don’t play direction so…I am going to watch it and have adjustment plans in place….. vix.png  

Other thing to note is the GDP data tomorrow and other economic data on Thursday, those may very well bring Mr. Market to right track where it was before… 

Till then, profitable trading, OptionPundit






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