OPNewsletter Sept’10 Up +6.1% (Open)

OPNewsletter continues to outperform broader markets. As of last Friday close, we have invested a maximum of 37.7% capital and the OPNewsletter portfolio is up +6.1%.

For the past two weeks we have been covering weekly options and various types of strategies that can be played on these options. The potential from weeklies is enormous. The results so far are encouraging with one thing being common i.e. one can’t set and forget. These needs to be monitored daily (though we don’t need to take action everyday) and “greed” needs to be kept aside by booking profits quickly. We shall probably start to incorporate specific option trading strategies focused on weekly options starting this week.

Separately, we have successfully done several intraday speculative trades and many users are already seeing the benefits of InvesCafe. The real power of invescafe will be seen only after more and more sharing is taking place. Build your network and invite others who are not on InvesCafe. That will create an unparalleled “The InvesCafe Effect” on individual trading. Start sharing your updates, your thoughts, your trading ideas as well. My profile is listed here. If you haven’t yet registered, may I suggest you to sign-up and start using it.

Some members did a brilliant trade on CRM that generated several hundred % returns for 1 day holding. Check that out.

Profitable Trading, OP




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