OPNewsletter Sept +13.5% (Open)

Overall OPNewsletter for Sep 2012 is up +13.5% (excluding P&L on OPNExtra!). RUT Broken Wing Butterfly was a loss, LULU was a huge winner and AAPL Iphone5 trade is up +9%. Sep monthly P&L, General Market outlook (pls don’t miss) have been updated as well. Some of you might have already seen this, but an article on “how to use price action” was also published (I shall share some examples in the coming days).

This is an interesting week. Don’t miss reading previous post to develop some framework. There are no specific trades or indicators in that. It is about developing a framework for trades using some right questions that only you yourself can answer.

Profitable Trading, OP






2 responses to “OPNewsletter Sept +13.5% (Open)”

  1. Market Trend Avatar

    how is your aapl trade?

    1. OptionPundit Avatar

      After initial profit it was stopped out during sharp intra-day move.

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