OPNewsletter (Outperformance)- May’09 +6.1%

Option Trading is equally useful to retail traders and can generate consistent income if used properly. Hope you enjoyed the free trade alerts for some earnings play (You may sign-up for the Basic membership that is free till Dec 2009)

A Fantastic week for OPNewsletter! We played HAL, IBM, UPS and AMZN for earnings and all these one day players nicely added value to the portfolio. We chose to close HAL and AMZN and to keep IBM and UPS for further gains. These were special circumstantial opportunities and we took full advantage without having to worry which direction stocks will move post earnings.

After many months of waiting, we crossed our 60% portfolio investment guideline. Maximum investment incurred was +64.4% and we shall continue to use that as basis for returns calculation even though we are now in credit generation phase. We have 42.5% in cash (assuming 10 k portfolio). The capital preservation strategy worked nicely. We moved out of markets in early when OPN subscribers were clearly warned of the upcoming market meltdown when I shared the need to stay away should Dow slips below 10,697. That was on Sept 15th, well in advance before the real disaster struck. As I always say, if you know how to preserve trading capital, you can always make it back to market. At OPNewsletter, Capital preservation is always a higher priority than missing a potential investment opportunity.

Net, overall OPNewsletter is up +8.62% (x- brokerage commissions) and +6.13% (including commissions). We are nicely positioned to reap further gains and we still have 3 weeks to go for May expiration. I don’t have to worry so much about the market fall as that will further benefit our portfolios.

  • USO is down -1.34%
  • UPS is up +3.67%
  • IWM is up +6.08%
  • GDX is up +8.46%
  • X is up +13.01%
  • IBM is up +19.88%
  • HAL was closed for +22.69% and
  • AMZN was closed for +15.83%

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We have reached our investment capital deployment goal for the month and I am not planning to add any more investment capital unless there are opportunity that I don’t want to miss at all. I am not expecting any major adjustments except in IWM if markets make strong move up. The probability favors downside.

Looking forward to 16th positive month for OPNewsletter.

Profitable Trading, OP


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