OPNewsletter Oct’11 +1.81% (Open)

During the past week, markets been very volatile to say the least. Dow rose almost 5% from week prior to fall sharply and thus ending the week almost 1.3% up. All other major indices closed negative for the week. For OPNewsletter Oct’11 Income Portfolios, we are up +1.81% and we invested only 39.12% of the capital (~ $3,912 on a 10K basis) across 6 different portfolios. This excludes all the speculative trades (Gold bearish almost @double top, and Long @ drop), SPY right @top on Thursday, AAPL GMCR and AZO bearish trades separately). Besides, if you were following my FREE twitter feeds, you had some good indications on what to expect.

Many are still living in the illusion that there is no double dip. Even Warren Buffett mentioned that he doesn’t see signs of double dip and the US recession is very very unlikely. Here is a conversation of Lakshman, of Economic Cycle research Institute (or more popularly known as ECRI) where he officially says that recession is a done deal. (Thanks to Hussman funds weekly comments where I found this).

While I personally agree with Lakshman and John Hussman’s perspective, I am not trying to predict whether the US is entering into recession or not. Instead, I am looking for opportunities to maximize returns for OPNewsletter clients and do so while preserving the capital as well. We did that in 2008/2009 and hopefully we’ll be able to do it again. And I think, Markets are likely to enter into a stage where it might offer wonderful returns to the courageous (but not reckless) ones.

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