OPNewsletter Oct +3.45%, Nov +0.75% (Open)

This is a tough market especially for income traders. What kind of market it is, Bull? Bear? It’s a confused market that is driven mainly by news, rumors especially out of Europe. But let’s face it, markets were/are/will be driven by news, most of the time, if not always. There are times when “irrationality prevails” on either bull’s or bear’s side and that’s when fundamentals come into play. This is also true that traders need to make money and those who nothing beyond wall street, this is a daily job, so you gotta deal with it as oppose keep crying or excusing one or other thing. It’s tough out there. But at the same time, there are opportunities around, so keep looking for it but be more careful with your capital.

For OPNewsletter, Oct Income Portfolios delivered +3.45%; not as much as I would like it to be but this is what it is. These results exclude results from Gold trade resulting from quick bearish and the bullish tradesGMCR and AZO bearish trades and SPY bearish trade at the mid term top on Sept 29th, +40% to +60% gains GOOG earning trade, partial loss on ISRG, over +100% gains on AAPL earning trade and many more…after filtering 100s of stocks, I shared “potential movers” list before earnings and to OPN Members, I shared structured trades as well….

Though the gains looks wonderful, pls note, as part of our strict operating discipline, we don’t spend lot of capital on such speculative trades. These are used as a portfolio accelerator opportunistically but these are not the main driver…OPN prefers to drive at a consistent speed safely…

I have being about 16 years witnessing my capital being managed by different brokers. Some brokers were purely option traders and others were stock fund managers. I have had both very good years and bad years but progressively the good years have being vanishing. Last year I decided to start working more aggressively to learn different options techniques and put them to the test. In my search for knowledge I came across the Option Pundit website. On my first month of trading with OP, I made enough money to pay my annual subscription and provided a good boost to my portfolio. Option Pundit is well tuned with the market and exhibit option trading techniques far more sophisticated than my previous options brokers. I am also very impressed with the caliber of many forum members who constantly add valuable comments and information. My experience these first two months with OP have being very enriching and rewarding.

Luis González
Thousand Oaks, California, USA

Luis shared this with me when he was only 2months with OPN..and he continued with OPN for almost 40months!! He recently paused as the work environment has become more demanding. You may read more subsciber’s testimonials. There are many such members who are still with us from the day 1 and that’s invaluable. We have build a data base of key lernings from the past trades, we experiment with new styles/instruments while staying focused on conservative income producing strategies. There are no short cuts to success especially that deals with financial markets. It’s a journey. In reality there are no such thing as….5mins a day/gazillion % returns. It’s a business and just like any other business, it’s hard work which requires its own subsets of principles, processes and systems.

We have started our Nov Income portfolios, and as of this week’s closing, we are almost flat at +0.75%.  We are still 60% in cash and look forward to some opportunistic play. Earnings’ season is in full swing so I expect to add more carefully selected speculative trades while still aiming for 5-7% returns on the overall portfolios. If you would like to join OPNewsletter, pls click here to sign-up for the waitlist.

Have fun, profitable trading, OP



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