OPNewsletter Nov +7.1%, Dec +1.66% (Open)

There has been terrible deterioration in the stock markets. As I shared separately, even though markets might be in slightly oversold state and may rebound, my composite model is still in the SELL mode. In spite of such a broad deterioration, for OPNewsletter, we are still doing fine.

During Dec portfolios, SPX dropped from 1292 to 1159, Russell 2000 dropped from 748 to 666, NDX dropped from ~2412 to 2150, GOOG dropped from 618 to 563 and so on. OP Newsletter closed Nov for +7.1% gains and for December, we are up +1.66% as of Friday close… these results don’t include results from speculative trades. If markets stabilize here, our portfolio will gain even more, dramatically increasing returns.

I also shared/started a new thread on VIX futures, the trades have been extremely successful with a very high win ratio. However, those are not yet ready to be implemented in the OPN, but I am developing a plan so I could include it as well. Besides those who are on IB, may also look for some other opportunities [e.g. global indices, not just yet though].

This is how some subscriber thought about OPNewseltter several years back. Mike is still a member of OPNewsletter.

I love this newsletter. It’s probably the best thing that ever happened to my trading career. I’m a sort of a risky trader and have lost a considerable amount of money in my past. I needed to follow someone I can trust and see how trades are executed and learn. This is exactly what I needed. I’m beginning to make money recently not only because I’m following some of your trades, but because I’m getting good ideas and learning how you trade, which is invaluable. I’m a full time software engineer and do not have the time to investigate stocks at the same level as you do. Therefore this is essential for me to be a successful trader because a successful part time trader is a tough goal.

I have already gotten one of my co workers to sign on the list (Bryce catlain). He is a fellow engineer and he is VERY systematic. He is following your trades and analyzing your performance before he decides to put in real money. So far he is quite impressed.

I do however have one concern. I know this list is not open to the public, meaning not everyone on the Internet can join. This is probably a good thing, but when does the amount of people joining begin to affect the trades? Most of us are small traders, meaning we’re probably trading with less than a 100K trading account. But I’m wondering what happens if more people learn about this list and you get big time players (like, say, a hedge fund manager) who deals with millions of dollars. Can this affect our trades? How do you protect against adverse results from the amount of subscribers?

Thank you for allowing me to join. I truly believe I am on the way to success begin a part of this group!

Mike Karmindro, San mateo, USA
Investment experience: 4 years trading options

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