OPNewsletter : May’09 (+11.2%), Jun’09 (Opening Shortly)

It feels great when a single covered call option spread (done only @ 7.3% of 10K portfolio) can deliver OPNewsletter monthly subscription fee, cover commissions and still deliver profits, without making adjustments throughout the holding period. And what if the newsletter doesn’t get a single cent if doesn’t deliver profits? Welcome to OPNewsletter (A “No Profit, No Fee” Newsletter)! It is up +11.2% (x-brokerage) and +8.5% including commissions for May’09 alone (a 16th positive month out of 17 months.).

As I stated earlier, after many months of waiting, we crossed our 60% portfolio investment guideline. It’s always an advantage if the trading capital was preserved. Yes, we did have a few months of low positive returns, but that preserved capital is an out performance in itself (vs. general markets) and now we can start using this preserved capital for further gains vs. wasting energy in recouping the losses.

Maximum investment incurred this month was +64.4% and we are continuing to use that as basis for returns calculation even though we are now in credit generation phase. We have +51.19% in cash (assuming 10 k portfolio) that we can start using for opening June’09 portfolio shortly.

We are nicely positioned to reap further gains and we still have 2 weeks to go for May expiration. I don’t have to worry so much about the market fall as that will further benefit our portfolios particularly IWM.

  1. USO is up +5.36%
  2. UPS is up +4.8%
  3. IWM is up +7.19%
  4. GDX is up +4.04%
  5. X covered call was rolled after +23.29% gains
  6. HAL was closed for +22.69%
  7. AMZN was closed for +15.83% and
  8. IBM was closed for +23.01%

OPNewsletter has been using Fundamental, Technical, Greeks’ as well as Market Psychology for trade analysis to create our portfolios and diversified into different sectors (Markets, Gold, Oil, Tech, Retailer, Transports, etc).

dow-may-1-2009We didn’t do an Iron Condor for the 2nd month as I still don’t feel it is the right environment. Though, in retrospect it may seem that it is/it was but I am not convinced. See attached chart, Dow up almost 45 points in 3minutes before close, manipulations any one?

I am thankful all the OPN members (old as well as current subscribers). Thanks for advocating OPN to your friends, colleagues and trading buddies. This has been helpful in adding constant stream of new members and still maintain the quality.  I am also thankful to all the members for participating in the forum and expanding knowledge horizon of other members.

If you would like to sign-up or benefit from Jun’09 portfolios of OPNewsletter, pls click here to sign-up for the waitlist.

Looking forward to opening June’09 income portfolios,

Profitable Trading, OP


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