OPNewsletter Jun’09 is up 8.6% (Open)

A turbulent but positive week for the broader markets, as well as for OPN. OPNewsletter is up +8.6% (x- brokerage commissions) and +6.6% (including commissions). This excludes returns from bonus trades on GDX straight calls, GMCR and POT. Though we have started generating credit thus increasing the cash portion, we are still assuming 57.3% of 10K as maximum capital invested to calculate OPN results. 10K is a model capital, but these are pretty much scalable to several times.

Sectors include – Steel, Gold, Transport, Overall General Market and Strategies include Iron Condor, Calendars and Covered Calls.

  • GDX is down from +5.3% to +2.27%
  • X is flat +9.6% last week to +10%
  • UPS is up -5.11% last week to -2.23%
  • RUT Iron Condor is up from +18.27% to +22.12%
  • IWM is flat 17.78% last week to +18.28% this week.
  • DIA is up from +3.4% to +6.6%

This doesn’t include returns on POT (>+30%), GDX (almost double) and GMCR(>+5%). If you would like to join OPNewsletter, pls click here.

I shared another free trade idea [those who are either Basic Member (Free until Dec’09) or OPN Members received the alert] on Moody’s (MCO) which is also in positive territory inspite of MCO moving up.

My Bias- I am still in the bear’s camp but I am also doing selective buying.

Have a great weekend, profitable trading, OPПодаръци


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