OPNewsletter (Jul’09) +5.2% (Open)

General Market Move Since opening of OPNewsletter Jul'09 portfolio
General Market Move Since opening of OPNewsletter Jul'09 portfolio

4th down week for the markets. It’s interesting to evaluate how underlyings have moved since we started our portfolios. X moved +1% to -23% and moved wildly. GDX moved from +3% to -11%, and all major market indices including S&P 500, DOW and Russell 2000 ended down, ranging from -5.5% to -6.5% (Ref point June 16th). On contrary, OPNewsletter, using 43.3% of capital is up +5.2% x-commissions.

If you recall mid-June when we started our portfolios, the “green shoots” theory was gaining momentum (maybe still it is, but less so) and markets were making high. These pages on OptionPundit reflect my bearish bias. The problem with bear market is that you may know it is about to happen, but not sure of time. Hence we have to keep OPN portfolio to cater to upside moves as well. The strategy paid off.

The above results don’t include returns on speculative trades of either VIX or RIMM, POT or Indonesia related Trades.

I have been saying for sometime now Smiley I shall say it again-
As I shared earlier, market internals are deteriorating day by day. I don’t know when will the tide turn upside down “big time”..I feel that March lows are about to be tested..if not all, then maybe a significant gains will since then might be reversed. If you have a long stock portfolio, you may want to erect defense lines while the IVs are lower and defense will be cheaper. For stocks, there is no harm in reducing the gains in order to protect and preserve capital. I’ll reinforce what I often say- Making money is not difficult, preserving it is.

We shall soon be starting Aug portfolio. If you would like to join, pls click here.

oNext week is an interesting one, as it has GOOG, IBM, HOG and some other great earnings’ play; option expiration is on Friday which sets it up for a highly leveraged opportunistic time. I may share some trade ideas via e-mail alerts to registered members. If you have not signed-up for free membership, you may want to join now.

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  1. Hoption Avatar

    What kind of stragedies do you guys promote in your newsletter? delta neutral, calendars, bullish or bearish stragedies?


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