OPNewsletter Jan’09 : +4.06%, Feb’09 (Opening Soon)

OP Newsletter Jan’09 Income portfolios grew to +6.84% excluding brokerage commissions. However, including commissions; overall OPN grew by +4.06%. Our Jan’09 Income Iron Condor is closed for +14.27%. Just for perspective, not even a single OPN RUT Iron condor lost money in 2008. For Jan’09 portfolios, OPN used up maximum of 34.14% of overall assumed portfolio capital and after profit booking OPN has >80% cash available for investing into other opportunities.

These results doesn’t include returns from bonus trade alerts (for instance, shorting treasury pick is up > +10% since my last post).

We shall start wrapping up Jan’09 income portfolio this week and start opening Feb portfolio soon. If you were waiting on sidelines to join OPNewsletter, this maybe the right time to sign-up as we shall be opening new portfolios.

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