OPNewsletter (Dec’09) Up +10.7% (Open)

OPN December 2009 portfolio is up +10.7% (still open). We invested 73.9%  of capital per portfolio spread and all the mini-portfolios are making money. The Iron condor sub-portfolio is closed for +14.14% gains. December portfolio’s weekly update is now available at the OP Discussion forum (Member’s only section). To access the Subscriber’s Page of the forum, sign on with your own username and password by clicking here.  We have already started opening income portfolio for Jan 2010 and will complete full portfolio in the coming weeks.

OPNewsletter has consistently outperformed the broader market. Pls read customer reviews or If you would like to sign-up for OPNewsletter directly, pls click here to sign-up for the wait-list (as the subscription is by invitation only).

An important shift seems to be taking place amongst market participants’ minds i.e. “less bad is good” seems to be changing into “just good is not good enough”. If you are looking for playing an income option trading strategy for downward move while still protecting limited upside, try a put diagonal that benefits more from the downward move.  Albeit, do note that markets are now entering into typical bullish period of the year (Dec-Jan). This whole rise from March bottoms had been full of contrariness, are we about to see any other contrary period?

Are you enticed by “teasers” from newsletter service providers to make loads of money in the stock and options market? I encourage you to check out “stockgumshoe” where Travis does an excellent job of decoding the “next million dollar” making opportunity. Then there is fascinating Dr Brett of TraderFeed, always someting interesting to read and widen knowledge horizons. I suggest you to read the first post in a series that he is directing toward developing traders. He plans to write about topics that “no one told me about when I was learning the ropes”. Check it out.

If you are a web developer who would like to work on a few cool web 2.0 projects for OptionPundit (or if you know someone who does), pls write to OptionPundit(at)gmail.com.

Profitable Trading, OP




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