OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +2.0% (Open)

For the week ending Aug 01, OPNewsletter is up +2.0% including commissions and +4.0% x-comissions. Though this was a great week for 3 portfolios delivering double digit gains, it wasn’t so for our 4th portfolio that is down double digit and is dragging overall results with it. Albeit, We still have two weeks to go.

You may find out about more about OPNewsletter here. We shall be shortly opening our Sept portfolio spots.

There were couple of bonus trade alerts as well that delivered solid results including AMZN, POT and AAPL. I also shared a free trade idea, using covered call strategy. Simple returns were +6.6%, while those who can use portfolio margining, it was over 10% for holding only 1 day.

Next week is an important one, FOMC announcement is scheduled on Tuesday (Aug 5). Markets have been holding pretty well (>11,000) for sometime. However, from a long term perspective, I think my earlier post still holds true. Also don’t forget to re-read how to survive this market.

These times require very close attention. Trade Carefully.

Profitable trading, OP



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2 responses to “OPNewsletter (Aug’08) : +2.0% (Open)”

  1. Nick Avatar


    How do you calculate your returns? I assume you take total portfolio profits divided by the beginning portfolio value. If I have a $100,000 portfolio, put on trades using $30,000 of the portfolio, and I earn $3,000 I would say that correct return is 3% (not 10% (3,000/30,000) for the month.

    Do you use the 3% or 10% method?


  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    Nick, pls see comment section in the attached post.


    Coincidentally, the reader who asked those questions, his name is also Nick 🙂

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