OPNewsletter (Apr’09) +7.6%, 15th Positive Month Out of 16

A terrific week and 3 cheers to the Bulls for sustaining the momentum. Finally, my witty Oct’08 remark on “Mark to Market” relaxation a.k.a “do-what-you-want” came true; G-20 supported by $1trillions and a market that went down nearly-2% and then back up +6.5% to close overall +5.75% (Dow). Ups-n-down, and then up up and up. There is no doubt markets are overly stretched but continuous strength in the face of overbought indicators is a sign of strong momentum. Markets continues to discount all the bad news and turns bullish mad on almost at every ray of hope; I hope that light at the end of tunnel is not another locomotive.

For OPN portfolios, so far, are doing fine this month as well. We increased our investments by almost 3.65% last week and in spite of this increase, we are up overall +7.6% x-commissions and +5.3% including commissions for April portoflios.

  • IWM Portfolio is up +7.46%;
  • X portfolio is up +17.2%,
  • USO portfolio is up +6.88%;

So far we have deployed 37.8% of assumed 10K capital.

This is the 15th month of positive gains for OPNewsletter (out of last 16) since I reopened it in Jan 2008 and this period includes one of the worst bear markets, at least of my life time. The success spells for the consistency and for the promise from OP “Powerful option trading strategies for Consistent Income“, month after month. And hence earning the buck for the work i.e. “No Profit, No Fee“.

I shall start looking for May’09 portfolios soon. If you would like to sign-up for the OPNewsletter, pls click here.

I hope you read a big picture post. There have been multiple +20% type rallies and even this time around as well. But this time it is different, it is on sustained buying power as well as sustain drop in selling pressure. But hey markets can do anything, anytime, so just be cautious and if you do plan to go long, you may wanna go in increments.

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Have fun, Profitable Trading, OP



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