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It’s been quite a while since I last collected feedback from OPNewsletter subscribers. Since we have passed through one of the most cruel bear markets of our time, I thought it was a good time to understand if OPNewsletter was still adding value or not.  As I receive more feedback, I shall continue to update here.

Dear OP,

It has been a fantastic learning experience with OPN, and a profitable one to boot! The astute trading philosophy that OPN follows is found nowhere else – and I have looked & tried a lot of different services. OPN is genuine, looks out for the subscribers, and fosters a trader community environment on the website. The portfolio and risk management principles are outstanding, and again, not found any place else that offers such subscription based services.
In terms of learning about options trading at OPN, there is nothing like it. I have learned more about greeks, time decay, adjustments, etc on this site by being part of the group that takes on the trade.

If there is one place where there can be room for improvement, I would say that it is in the area of results reporting. In today’s world, it is much more prevalent to have things published online as opposed to attaching spreadsheets to posts. One option is to use Google Docs, which is basically an excel spreadsheet that is online, which can be published only to the subscriber community as a read-only document. A big advantage with online publishing is that the adjustment entries can be made as soon as the trades are taken.

Finally, I would like to comment on the fee. I would like to see a discounted annual, 6-month, 3-month, and monthly structure, with the facility to upgrade and downgrade without much trouble. Right now, I am on a monthly subscription, but if I can get a 6-month membership at a discounted price, I would jump on it.

I would certainly recommend this service to others because of the genuine, honest, profitable service it has to offer, always keeping portfolio and risk management as its core principles.

Thank You for the great, honest, profitable service OP. Looking forward to a great 2010!

Name : Mohan
Country : USA
Investment experience : 3 Yrs Options, 6 Yrs Equities

Thank you so much Mohan. I appreciate your feedback and thank you for upgrading your subscription to annual from monthly subscription.

I’ve been a subscriber of OP Newsletter for more than 1 year. I’ve been trading options for almost 3 years. I am very satisfied with this newsletter. It is very profitable. It was doing good even during the huge down time in 2008. OP is very experienced in option trading. His market/stock assessment is accurate in most of the times (of course, nobody can be 100% accurate), and his trading timing is always excellent. OP not only just provides a trading strategy, but also explains his idea and provides a detailed, conditional trading plan. This helps a lot to calm you down when the market doesn’t move the way you wanted. OP also sends out adjustment plans timely. By doing the adjustments, those profolios which don’t profit at the beginning turn out to be profitable at the end. Well, OP Newsletter does require some knowledge and experience in option trading. For new traders, watching or paper trading for 1 or 2 months is very helpful. Overall, I highly recommend OP Newsletter.

Seattle, WA

Thanks Y. Wang for your being part of the OPN. While together not only we survived a fearsome bear market, we preserved our capital and are now on track again to grow it further.

I have been with OPN for about two months and am quite happy with its service. First I like the idea that OPN separate the trades into speculative trades and income trades. OPN clearly let you know your risk and possible reward for each trade in advance. So you know which trades to take and how much to buy. Most importantly, OPN manages all positions that he suggests and quite often can turn losing trades into winning trades, unlike most other services that once a trade is suggested you are on your own.

Eric Tzong

Thank you Eric. I hope OPN continues to add more and more value to its members. The forum community is growing and there are lots of insights that are helping in generating ideas to continuously improve upon OPNewsletter.

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Profitable Trading, OP




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