OPN Aug’07 portfolio closed : +17.94%

(for details pls visit www.OptionPundit.net)

Thanks a ton to BSC trade. The learnings from it prevented me to give away my profits from the Aug’07 OPN portfolio. I gave-up potential theta gains and booked profits early without waiting for the expiration. This resulted overall portfolio to gain +2.95% in two trading session alone despite the market freefall.

Aug’07 portfolio is now closed and it returned +17.94% returns. 4th month in a row for double digit gains. I shall share more updates on this during upcoming weekend and will open the trades for viewing to the previous OPN subscribers.

Sept’07 portfolio is also opened and is up >+2%

Profitable trading, OP






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  1. Midas Avatar

    Congratulations on another great month I look forward to you sharing your closed trades from Aug with those of us that are previous OPN subscribers
    I am also looking forward to the re opening of the newsletter

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