OPN Apr’09 +12.5%, 15th Positive Month (Out of last 16)

Get ready for an action filled week that has lot of economic data flowing in, traders returning from holidays and banks announcing earnings. Of course, Banks have to have positive impact due to “relaxation” in Mark-to-market accounting rules. This week is also flooded with other earnings and option expiration schedule, an excellent environment for exceptional opportunities.

April was another winning month for OPNewsletter. 15th out of last 16 months. In spite of the whipsaws we observed, this month didn’t require much adjustment, almost sitting idle generating cash for OPN trades. OPN has successfully rolled over the portfolios for May holdings (If you would like to sign-up for OPNewsletter, pls click here).

OPN closed +12.54% x-commissions +9.10% including commissions. We used up almost 38% of our capital. That’s a pretty good returns considering that we could sleep well without worrying about adjustments. If not the last few days volatility of X, the results would have been far better, but that also didn’t result into any significant adjustments and we closed +11.78% based on the way OPN calculates for intra month and >+6% even assuming the max capital.

IWM and USO portfolio closed for +13.97% and +14.55% based on OPN way of calculation. Essentially the returns are much higher when compared with less capital involved (OPN uses the maximum capital invested at any point as the base for the whole month vs only for the duration it was used). For more information on OPNewseltter, pls click here. This was the 2nd running month of profits for USO. Last month we closed USO portfolio for +22.8%.

The above result doesn’t include results from speculative trades i.e. SKF +100%, AAPL +100%, NKE and FDX Put and so on. Some of these free trades and also the SKF smiling, BAC Trade, and AA Earning play were shared for free with the registered members. You may want to sign-up for the Basic Membership (Free until Dec 2009) that I use to share free trade alerts for registered members.

Net, a great month and looking forward another one. We have already started May income portfolios and are positioned to take advantage of market moves. If you would like sign-up for OPNewsletter, pls click her e for OPN Waitlist.

Profitable Trading, OP


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