OPN +16% in a Brutal Week

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Simply beautiful! That’s the only word that comes to my mind when reporting this week’s gains for OPN. Overall OPN Nov’07 portfolio increased by a positive 16% vs last week despite all the turmoils in the stock market (These returns excludes any speculative trading retruns). As of Friday closing Nov’07 portfolio is up +39.5% while I have 35% free cash available. This is another month of not a single losing mini-portfolio. Why such high returns for an “Income trader”? I shall post my thought on forum under OPN.

We are approaching option expiration week and my priority will be to close all these portfolio’s by early next week. I shall leave whatever theta is left. I don’t care for it as it has way over delivered my targets. Just to share a perspective, if (and only if) my underlying remains almost flat, OPN Nov’07 will result in roughly above +50%. But hey, no coulda/woulda/shoulda. Count only what’s in the basket already.

Thank you all the OP readers for your interest in OPN. I have not yet thought of re-opening it, maybe sometime in Feb as I am planning for holidays in end December till end Jan’08. Also a time to contemplate if I really followed my this year’s resolution that I thought of at the beginning of the year and if yes, what worked, what didn’t and what needs to change. Am I being too early to think of this? No I don’t think so, need to think well before it bites.

Mr. Market, thank you for behaving 2nd time the way you tought me over nearly a decade. Of course, you don’t entertain me but you teach me slowly (sometime abruptly) on how shall I read your “moves”.

Happy weekend, profitable trading, OP







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