OP Newsletter (June’07) : Up +20%

OPN income portfolio for June is up +20%. There were a total of 4 income trades and all four are positive. 1 out of four was closed (SHLD) last week for a gain of 13.99% and was replaced with another one (MRO) that is also up 7%. This way over delivers my target of 5-7% per month. I am still holding on to these as I still see further upside potential, but will soon start booking profit on June’07 trades.

From next week onwards, the time is to lookout for July’07 income trades so those who are waiting to sign-up for OPNewsletter may want to join quikcly so as not to miss viewing my July’07 trades.

Next week I shall also be writing about my portflio planning approach and will share this on this blog (No need to sign-up for OPN for that). So stay tuned.

Till then, Profitable trading, OptionPundit







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  1. Chuck Avatar

    Is your goal 5-7% on margin, or on your total account?

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