OP Newsletter (Jun’07 +33%, Jul’07 +4.5%)

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The June’07 portfolio is overall up +33.5% and the combined July income trades are also up +4.5%. 2nd July income, RUT Iron condor was opened on Friday which is almost flat, so all the gains are from 1st trade that was opened 1.5wks earlier. Till last week, OPN’s June gains were +25%, this week my portfolio added +8% more returns to overall invested capital despite the market falls i.e. S&P down 1.75%, Nasdaq down 1.30%, and Dow down 1.5% for the week ending June 8.

Theta and Vega (IV) are partly to thank. Theta accelerated rapidly and will be accelerating even more as we enter into June option expiration week. IV rose as the markets fell thus giving us more for our dollar reducing the delta’s impact due to fall. 3 out of 5 mini-portfolios are closed and only OIH and MRO are pending (both delivering over +25%).

I am still on lookout for the July income trades and will share via OPN alert as soon I open one. Pls check out your e-mail for the weekly updates. You will find updates for each underlying thread for Jun’07 and Jul’07 on the forum as well (Pls note you should be an OPN subscriber to view these exclusive boards, rest of the forum is free).

As theta will accelerate even further next week and as a seller that is in my favor, I shall be looking for some adjustments next week to maximize gains from the June income trades. I am still continuing remaining 2 trades (RUT was closed for +20%, SHLD was closed for +14% and BA was closed for 16%) and I shall continue to update but if you would like to book profits, pls do so as it has already overdelivered my monthly objective.

The BA double diagonal trade that I shared to OP readers for free is making 8%. I had shared a directional trade with OP readers on Google (though not part of original OPN letter, I invested my real money in that) it is down roughly 7% but I will still continue to hold as my opinion has not changed and the break evens are $504 and $589, quiite a comfortable range to keep till Jul expiration.

Also to note OPN will be priced at US$48/month from the July 1 or on your next subscription renewal (after June 30) whichever is later. You may sign-up for the annual package at US$336 now to continue to enjoy less than $1/day.

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