OP Newsletter (Aug +17.9%, Sept -4.0%)

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What a week! But first thing first and straight, undoubtedly this was the worst week for OPN since its inception 5months ago. Just 2 sessions ago, OPN Sept’07 portfolio was up +2% and at the end of the week it was down by -4.0%. This week also triggered the most number of adjustments for an OPN portfolio in a week. Thanks to BSC though, I was able to book profits on OPN Aug’07 portfolio to deliver +17.94% returns. Trades are now open to x-OPN subscribers to view.

Here are the Aug’07 results:

  • Loss first, RUT Iron Condor (-15.58%). RUT behaved very wild in past 4wks. My bull put leg was 780/770, closing the trade proved a good decision vs spending time and money on adjustments. RUT dipped as low as 735!!
  • Now profits, RIMM +30.74%. When I included RIMM 2nd time for OPN portfolio, I was not expecting it to be so wild, but it was. From $235 to $192, wow, what a movement ($43).
  • GOOG delivered +13.35%. Google was doing great before beginning of this week and it was on track to deliver superb results, but hey, it doesn’t work that way, does it 🙂 Returns started to slip so I booked profits before it slipped below $500 to $480.
  • IBM gave +36.45%. This was a great addition to OPN’s portfolio and delivered excellent results. I couldn’t ask for more, a perfect play for income trade.

Now let’s talk about the markets,.

At one time on Thursday afternoon, all major indexes were down nearly 5% for the week, RUT being the worst performer (down nearly 8%) and then everything rose from the ashes. A sexy and wild V ! This is too much for an income trader to handle. Income traders are conservative guys and can’t handle such exotic situations. First adjust on the way down, then adjust on the way up. Humm. Albeit, a solid week with solid learnings.

Overall, all the indexes closed in negative territory and OPN had mixed results. Aug’07 up, Sept’07 down.

1 week passed, 4 more to go for sept expiration.

Profitable trading, OP







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