Numbers Speak Louder than Words

Since its humble beginning in 2007, OptionPundit has developed a solid track record of producing outstanding returns. Our aim has always been to add value for our members regardless of Bull or Bear Market and current market is no exception. Yes, we don’t really care as OPNewsletter uses non-directional trading approach for trading options. What we care about is preservation of capital, profitable and consistent trading approach.

Let’s look at how we did during last earning cycle-

  • AMZN +30%,
  • LNKD +50%,
  • SNDK -7%
  • IBM -5%,
  • JPM +10%,
  • YUM -3%
  • TSLA +50%,
  • WFM +9%
  • PCLN +38%
  • GOOG +20%
  • NFLX +30%
  • AMZN (again) +32%

And many more. Each trade can be checked and verified. These performances are based on the member’s fills unlike other newsletter which might use theoretical or model values. All of these trades were held for less than 9 days and were non-directional in nature.

More than 500 companies will be announcing earnings soon. Are you ready to take full advantage of current market conditions?

Wait-listing fee is currently waived. NO Profit, NO Fee* offer is still applicable and if you sign-up now, you will have immediate access to all the 20,000+ historical posts, thousands of historical trades with real-time adjustments, market commentary and so on. You will also have access to numerous educational resources.

We trade NON-directionally, via spreads for mostly income strategies. For earning season, we shift focus towards capitalizing on changes in the implied volatility and use that to structure our trades that benefits from both IV rise and drop.

Option Trading Directionally, or Non-DirectionallyShould you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at

Profitable Trading, OP






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