New Look of OptionPundit

A fresh new look at OptionPundit. OP was upgraded to the latest wordpress software, and now is the time for a new look and a logo for OptionPundit to give it a brand equity.

I chose “Red” and “Black” colours. Red signifies “Loss” and Black signifies “Profit”. Based on my learning experience profits doesn’t come first, it’s only after spending some money behind the learning process that we start making money and therefore at OP “Red” comes before “Black”.

My software skills are limited and I carried on till today with all the design work by myself. But I was dissatisfied so handed it over to professional hands via outsourcing it. Simplicity was the basic concept without distorting too much of outlook. This SEO optimized theme, named after OptionPundit, was outsourced to a designer in SouthEast Asia.

Hope you enjoy the new look and do let me know your thoughts so I can continously improve it.

Enjoy the new OptionPundit,






2 responses to “New Look of OptionPundit”

  1. chiu Avatar


    It is very nice on the new layout. It is good enough. Very pleasant to read.

  2. David Avatar

    It is a very nice new look….very easy to read!!! Great job OP…..

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