New Feature Exclusive to OPN Members

From this week onwards, there is a new feature i.e. short-term directional trading opportunities for the OPNewsletter Members. This is provided for FREE to OPNewsletter members.

This feature will include short term directional trading oppotunities and whole trading window (open to close) is roughlly expected to be upto 7 days at max. The underlying approach is to identify pull back trading opportunities and finalize the ones that have high probability of succeeding. The inspiration is based upon reserach work done by several analysts, technical analysts and famous chartists.  The opportunities are primarily focused on stocks but I will fine tune it for the stocks that are optionable but options market for those underlying may or may not be liquid.  (OP Monthly Income Newsletter, generating consistent returns for the past 5 years)

As part of trades, I shall also specify intial entry/exit points and ways to maximize gains/ reduce loss. However, Unlike OPNewsletter, at this point, I don’t plan to provide detailed analysis or allocations, adjustments etc. The winning secret will be to keep allocation right and cut the loss quickly (stop losses are defined even before you open the trades).

Here is the list of stocks that are currently posted on the member’s section. Pls do let me know what do you think or should you have any questions and we can continue to improve it. This is provided for FREE to OPNewseletter members.

Currently subscription to OPNewseltter is open (i.e. NO WAITING LIST). If you are not an OPNewsletter members, you may sign-up here. We shall be starting August portfolios soon.

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