Markets at Crossroads

We are in for one of the very interesting times when dealing with stock markets. Yesterday broader markets closed above widely watched 200days moving averages. It was also a 90% volume up day but more importantly the volume was below average. So  is it a “trap” to convince everyone that a bottom has been formed? we’ll find out later.  For almost 2 months I have been mentioning 3 points to watch especially on Dow and those are 10.7K, 10.3K and Feb’10 Low and it doesn’t really matter what either permabulls say or permabears says, nothing major is going to be achieved unless either extreme is going to be penetrated. Oh well, if you would like to read more about permabears, here is an interesting read.

What do I think? Don’t waste time in readings tons of media. Let Mr Market do the talking.

Here are the scenarios-

  • We need to watch if markets pull back today, is it on heavy volume or thin. If it is later, chances are that it is going to move up.
  • If Market moves above then 10.7K will come into play and we need to watch if it is moving beyond that level or not. If not, then probably stage is being set for a giant Head & Shoulder pattern.

So, no hard rain is coming until unless Feb lows are broken. We’ll take it as it comes. My bottomline, I am still trading options for both personal and OPN accounts but I am not buying any equity as of now.

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Thank you Dan. I appreciate your kind words.

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