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Lunch Time Move

Published on March 16, 2007

Lunch Time Move

March 16, 2007

I used to have the ideas that the lunch time will have small and quiet price movement. But this Tuesday and Wednesday, the move started at lunch hour (12:00) with significant volume as well. So you might want to take note of recent market behavior.

Today is the expiration day, expiration pinning is going to be in action. By looking back at past 1-2 month movement, look like if there is a move, it is starting from lunch hour as well. So if you are looking at which direction and what whole number (it could be the non-existence of 3/4 whole number as well) to focus on, look at the price movement from 12:00 onward.

I will be looking GOOG, AAPL, OIH, GS and SHLD.

Just to share.


  • chiu says:

    1 hour after the market opens, the stock price are as follows :
    – GS $200
    – OIH $140
    – SHLD $175
    – AAPL $90
    – GOOG $443.60

    Only can look at GOOG

  • OptionPundit says:

    Congrats Chiu, if you played goog $440 pin

  • chiu says:

    I was trying to sell Apr $440/$450 Bear Call at $5.70 but not filled.

    The settlement is as follows :
    – GS $199.01
    – OIH $138.57
    – SHLD $173.50
    – GOOG $441
    – AAPL $89.57

    so this month the pinning was not clear.

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