Let the trading begin

Zen trader has gone bullish; check out his perspective specially his take on Nasdaq. Bill is dissecting VIX to deeper level and has introduced a new indicator called VWSI, check out his blog “VIX and More”. Downtown trader shares his technical take on several tickers that you may want to employ options strategies. Hamzei is suggesting keeping an eye on BRCM, MRVL and QCOM and is suggesting to add some high beta stocks to stay long. Adam has interesting thoughts with respect to barron’s article “a mixed message spells profit” check out for insights.

As you might have noticed by now that I am not much a technical trader. I have deep respect for technical analysis and been using it for long but now I use it more strategically and selectively. I like to use technical analysis to invest for directional movements and to choose entry and exit and points, but via option spreads and only for a small percentage of my portfolio. So the new trading week is here, pick your trades for the week and move on, there are so many opportunities.

Let the profitable week begin. OptionPundit






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