Just Two Trades Paid for 12 Month’s cost

While on one hand, equity markets are moving pretty much sideways thus benefitting OP Income Newseletter, Futures and commodity options are offering unparralled opportunities too. Just look at recent moves in grains and metal markets. Gold is still recovering from the massive move it experienced during last few weeks. Crude oil is another example. Currencies expecially JPY, GBP, Euro are pvoviding some good opportnities too. An option trader today has mulitple options to choose from to add to his strategic portfolio of trading styles and instruments.

OP Income Newsletter (OPN) is continuing to track towards my goal of 2x the SPX retrun in 2013. Another premium service that we started last year, Income Through Future Options (IFO), is doing equally well.

OP Income Newsletter (OPN) is focused on equity and indices options’ trading via NON-DIRECTIONAL strategies that benefits from rise and fall of IMPLIED VOLATILITY. It has been consistently delievering superior performance for the mast 65 months and has tested a raging bull (2006-2007), fearsome bear (2008-2009) and again another bull market (2009-2013). OPN is probably one of the very few options trading newsletter that has such a long history. It is an honour and pleasure to see a lot of traders modeling their trading strategies based on what they learnt at OptionPundit. Strategies and approach that are used can be scaled-up and are diversifiesd enough to cater to that month’s need. Here are results of the past six months-> Oct’12 +11.9%, Nov’12 +10.4%, Dec’12 +23.9%, Jan’13 +15.4%, Feb’13 +2.3%, Mar’13 +15.3% and we are doing equally well for the current month.

It has a NO PROFIT, NO FEE promise i.e. if OPN information doesn’t make money in your first month, you will get a full refund. Learn more about OPN.

Unlike OPN, Income Through Future Options (IFO) is a DIRECTIONAL information service. It WAITs for the price set-ups to mature and as soon as entry points are triggered a trade idea is shared. The key here is WAIT and Set-up completion. A lot of time, traders can’t wait. If you are one of those traders who need to trade everyday regardless of low winning probability or if you like to anticipate the set-ups and start trading even before it is matured, then IFO is not for you. But if you are one of those, who like to let price action to take lead and who would prefer high porbability set-ups, then IFO can deliver great results. For example, recently, just two trades, first a gold bearish and then a bullish gold trade paid for almost entire years’ worth of subscription fee. That assumes only 1 spread per trade!!! Excellent results from Crude oil, euro will then just be bonus. The exact trades, with exact entry/exit can be found here. You can try it for FREE for 14 days and thereafter it is ONLY US$ 97 per month. (Prices are revised upwards from $49 to $97 per month from July 22, 2013)

This year is not the year to wait on the sidelines. Take advantage from the exceptional moves that we might observe this year.

Trade carefully, Trade Profitably,





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