Jan +27%, Feb +3%, Mar+2.7% (Open)

After an excellent Jan’15 for +27%, Feb performance was slower but still positive. OP Income Newsletter delivered +3.15% gains on 48.7% capital utilization while for Mar it is already up +2.7% on 68.8% capital investment.

I am expecting Mar 2015 to be an interesting month and you will read more about this on members’ section on forum. I have already started a market commentary thread and you might have plenty of opportunities to trade during this month…make sure to check it on time to time.


As VIX dropped> 35% in Feb, we have already structured our Mar portfolios to benefit from Implied Volatility (IV) surge. Even if IV doesn’t rise, theta positivity will continue to bring profits to these market neutral trade ideas. We have also added two ideas VIX/RUT which will gain nicely should market pullback and won’t lose much even if market continues to rally. That’s the power of income trading.  That’s how I will keep it for Mar. However, come April/May we’ll add earnings play as well.

Overall 2015 is set to be a different year and don’t left behind. If you are still not part of OP Income newsletter, you may want to do so now before new memberships are closed soon.

Profitable Trading, OP







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