IWM Double Diagonal Mar/Apr

Dear Registered OP Readers,

Here is another double diagonal trade I am looking for next month when IWM @ $81.8

  • Sell March Quarterly 85 Calls and 79 Puts
  • Buy April 87 Calls and 77 Puts
  • Trade for $0.10 credit

Here is the Risk reward chart and transaction details. I shall share detaliled analysis sometime later.

iwm-mar-apr-dd-trade-idea.png  iwm-mar-apr-dd-trade-idea-transaction.png 

Profitable trading, OptionPundit






3 responses to “IWM Double Diagonal Mar/Apr”

  1. sram Avatar

    Will you enter the trade only when IWM
    is @ $81.80 or is it already traded on Feb 22nd

  2. OptionPundit Avatar

    It’s not necessary to have IWM at 81.80. It’s just for reference as I opened my trade when IWM was trading at 81.80.

  3. Simon Avatar

    I cant see this when i log in either?

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