Is it coincidence?

Interesting trading time. Past few weeks have been wonderful. Most of the shots have hit profit targets and surely that positive feeling lifts confidence. A quick roll call:

  1. MRVL (Mentioned here) – Closed for 31% profit
  2. SID (Mentioned here) – Close for 38% profit
  3. AAPL (Partial closed for 40% profit, rest going higher and still opened – Mentioned on the forum here)
  4. POT (mentioned here, still open and watching it go higher)
  5. June income trades (that were shared to OPN subscribers, all positive)
  6. May portfolio, all up by 14% despite wild movement of OIH.
  7. GG (not opened yet, but higher since profiled, mentioned here

I think it is very difficult to often repeat such results. In any case, profited money credited to bank account is always a pleasing feeling.

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