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Option trading provided another good opportunity, specially to think about risk, reward. I just signed a deal for one of the property investment in Singapore for quarter a million US dollars. The executive apartment is located in one of the newer districts of Singapore called Sembawang. A beautifully renovated place, as per feng shui guidelines, has complete unblocked views from every corner of the house. It’s located on 8th floor which is also considered to be lucky from Chinese Feng Shui perspective.

I would request my readers especially those who are either in real estate or from Singapore to share their perspective for due dilligence. The option expires in 2wks time.

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3 responses to “Inked a property deal”

  1. chiu Avatar

    The current trend of property is Location, Location and Location !

    The premium is raising a lot on the premium location.
    Sembawang, is definitely not in the ‘Location’ choice of any premium buyers.

  2. cash888 Avatar

    Agree with chiu…high floor, near to MRT, near to central etc….

    1 thing ok for SBW is that price have not go extreme….try toa payoh…i have a friend that bought 100K above valuation…(unblock view, next to mrt..)

  3. OptionPundit Avatar

    Dear Chiu and Cash888, thanks for your comments and suggestions. While buying into a good location is good idea, the re is a premium to be paid for that. Currently I am not comfortable with the asking premium i.e. +100K above valuation.

    I like the SBW as it’s a new area that is just starting to develop. The prices has not gone to far and this “Johor Straits” facing unit is beautiful and only 5 years old, just ready to be sold to PRs. Monthly cash outlay even for a 20 yr mortgage loan is quite cheap compared to the rent it can fetch. Net, the unit can pay for itself without affect my monthly cashflow.

    Remaining cash I plan to plow in Indian properties, either in Metro Delhi or nearby areas where prices are appreciating even at much faster pace. This way, money generated from the sale of this unit will allow me to diversify into two countries without affecting my monthly cash flow.

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