New Service – Income via Future Options (IFO)

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As many of you have been suggesting for introducing a dedicated service for future options, so here it is finally. This is to introduce a new service call “Income via Future Options” (IFO)- 14 days FREE Trial and an introductory price of only US$ 97 month thereafter (prices are revised upwards from Jul 22, 2013).

I am introducing this together with another friend of mine who has been trading future options for a long time. Over extensive discussions spanning months now, he shared with me his trades and explained the thinking behind those. What caught my attention was the way he manages his trades and the edge present in his trading approach with a higher probability of profiting; what surprised me was that he can manage his trading quite passively !!! (Excluding research time).

You know that I don’t normally believe that there are any short cuts in trading or anything called passive. So you see, he is primarily an options seller who follows the trend. He first reads the direction of the trend and sells options with the direction of that trend. While that approach is simplistic, his trades are setup using technical and experiential analysis with an uncommonly large buffer for error. This means that he can weather significant moves against his positions without having to adjust and without risking an arm or leg on the trade. And that’s how it is passive, while still managing it via strict set of rules for risk management.

This is a directional trading service that involves future options so the risk/reward is higher. This is for those of you who are keen to try out future options to see if the advantages available to future option traders are to your liking and more importantly to see if future options work for you. In this new service, we will be providing trade alerts that include trend analysis, selection of trading strategy according to market conditions and most importantly risk management. The first trade has already provided for almost 2 months of subscription fee.

To see if this is for you, there is a 14 day FREE trial where you can come in and take a peek. If you would like to continue with the service, there is monthly subscription of at promotional price of ONLY U$49 thereafter (update: now the prices are US$ 97/month from Jul 22, 2013). Expect 3-5 trades per month. First trade is already published. Just like OPNewsletter, I shall be limiting total number of members so we get the quality fills for our trades.

I will also be rolling-up my sleeves and working with him to provide good value to members. Should you have any questions, pls feel free to write to me at OptionPundit(at)

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    Juergen Staiger

    Is there a performance from the IFO letter?
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