Heading for a Record Month

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If markets stay same (which of course will not be the case) I am heading for a record month. Coincidentally, this is also a record month for both Dow and S&P500 as both are making new highs.

I am heading for >+40% returns on overall portfolio and the returns range from -20% to +122% (per mini portfolio). Only one mini-portfolio (CAT speculative) is negative as I closed it early. It’s a different story that if those were held till today, it would have been doubled. But no coulda, woulda, shoulda! I shall let x-subscribers know if open it for viewing.

cam-breakout.png CAM finally broke-out. I earlier sent an alert to registered users real-time when it was breaking-out. It took 4 trading days for it to finally break-out (It was also mentioned here). DFC is also not doing bad either. There is very good action in tech stocks, infrastructure, energy and metal. FCX has been quite generous.

Next week is the magic week. So many “Large Movement” companies are announcing earnings next week, which is also October equity option expiration week. Option prices will be cheaper (due to less time value) and hence perfect vehicle to play “speculative” strategies. There is plenty of information available on OP on how to play earnings, you may wanna browse this website a little more so you can position yourself for right set of speculative strategies.

INFY, FAST and PEP may be worth playing, but do your own DD before making any decision.

Profitable trading, OP






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