Good Morning Friday

As we begin Friday morning, here are key highlights to begin the trading day:

  • Crude oil is rising (especially over news from Iran) and trading over $61 per barrel. Generally speaking crude is stronger on Fridays as there is always uncertainty that something may happen over the weekend. So those who are already playing in OIH and XLE, good news but for rest who are not it may offer an opportunity to play intraday. Have very tight entry exits points if one wants to play Oil intra day.
  • Jury Orders Microsoft to Pay $1.52 Billion in Damages to Alcatel-Lucent for Violating Patents. The news may dampen the mood on opening.
  • Morgan Stanley raised Coca cola’s rating to overweight which might see some activity especially pushing stock price higher.
  • From earning’s perspective all clear channel (CCU), Domino’s Pizza (DPZ), Lowe’s (LOW) and Nicore (GAS), all beat earnings. Checks out for pre-open price action to determine your entry exit should you decide to play intraday.
  • For bullish direction downtown trader is looking at semiconductor index ($SOX), Hamzei is looking at CX and ABX. Check out the respective sites from OP’s hall of fame to understand why?

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