Global Stock Market Blog-bash

I plan to run a “Global financial markets blog-bash” in June’07. But I need your help for this wonderful event. 

What is it about: A review about your local stock market. For instance, Mr. Manesh is located in Moscow and he knows a lot about Russian stock market. Mr. Manesh writes a review and share with a wider audience. 

Why this event: Everything is originated for OP readers. My blog extensively covers US stock market with strong focus towards options trading. Though there are several sites to learn about global stock markets, but reading a review firsthand from someone who is close to the market will provide a great insight for wider audience. 

What’s in it for youIf you have a blog, you will have back links to your blog and I will also let you write a brief passage about your blog that I will publicize on OptionPundit which may help increase the traffic to your blog as well. If you are not a blogger- I think this is a great way to let others know about the market you are very close to, share about your country and how do you perceive about your economy. Sometimes it is very satisfying to passionately talk about something that is close to heart. And don’t forget, you will be on the first page of OptionPundit. If neither you are a blogger nor want to write for some reasons, help me by passing this message to someone you think can write. 

Aboveall, sharing is pleasure (with due respect to IP though).

What’s in it for OptionPunditOP always tries to find ways that can help its readers save investment dollars so that those can be spent on higher value things. I have been thinking of selecting a global market each week and write about it, but that’s been very difficult due to time constraints. Your help surely help me deliver good content to OP readers. 

How to ParticipateWrite a one page review of your market and if possible, do attach charts, table, anything that can aid your review. Writing about options trading in that market will surely enrich it further. Let me know the date you will be able to share.

Please leave a comment to this post in the OptionPundit or reply to me via e-mail, if you would like to participate and I shall get in touch with you. I am also happy to help you, if you need any. Profitable trading, OptionPundit






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  1. JMOT Avatar

    Hi OP, I am interested to participate and have already got an article ready. Cant find your email anywhere in your site. Drop me an email and I will send it to you ^^ thanks

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