Profit by being part of a worldrecord

STOP TRADING- Here is something interesting for you to consider- the participant receives S$25 goodies bag, they are part of a world record breaking event, and one undisputed world leader pays $5 to charity on behalf of each participant. 

For those readers who are either travelling to Singapore or are in Singapore on March 3, 2007, you may wanna be part of a historical event. Gillette is organizing the world’s biggest shaving event in Suntect City (Fountain of Wealth) on March 3 from 6pm to 9pm. Interestingly, you will walk away with the much adorable Gillette fusion and a free T-Shirt in a S$25 goodie bag. Gilette will also contribute $5 per participant to The Strait Times School pocket money charitable fund.  gillette-world-event.gif     

I thought to do my part and share this with the 2nd biggest admirers (Singapore readers) of OptionPundit to have fun, participate for a cheritable cuase and also be part of a world record. Click here to register –> Gillete World Record Shaving Event, Singapore

Profitable trading and Profitable giving,  OptionPundit   






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