FXI- It Can’t be Better Than This

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Here is the what I sent via OP’s E-Alerts before market close on Wednesday:

I hope it reaches before market close, I am looking for FXI puts for speculative, US is down so China/Hong Kong may be down as well…pure speculative, your due diligence is needed before any decision

fxi-and-puts-nov-8-2007.png And what happened? see FXI and FXI 175 put comparison chart. It doubled even if someone bot it next morning. Hang Seng did drop close to 1000 points and Dow touched nearly 13,000. Let me reiterate, I am watching for any break below 12,800 as mentioned earlier.

FSLR proved me wrong. I think I didn’t anticipate how bad the “short squeeze” was. Volume went through the roof, nearly 5times of average volume as shorts might have struggled to cover it back. Over 35% upside action, on a stock that is over $150, doesn’t stop amazing me.

Trade carefully, trade profitably, OP






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