FSLR is breaking (down)

(for details pls visit www.OptionPundit.net)

fslr-breaking-down-nov-7-2007.png FSLR is breaking down. I mentioned in my post before market opened that I shall be playing Nov 140 puts and here I am. As of this post’s writing, FSLR was down a neat $10 since purchase of my Nov 135 and 140 puts. One another thing that worked in my favor is the rise in IV before market closes that will off-set any theta loss (according to theory theta loss should be there but based on my experience I know it won’t).

I have 2 choices, Either close all and book profit now or close Nov 135’s to book profit as those have already financed part of Nov 140 puts. I am planning for 2nd but I haven’t made-up my mind yet.

Profitable trading, OP







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