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Forecasts are “Forecasts”

Published on October 1, 2007

Forecasts are “Forecasts”

October 1, 2007

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Sometimes, we focus so much into forecast that we tend to believe in what “they” say as if “they” have a crystal ball that can tell everything about the future. I wonder what are “they” doing by writing? Why not simply look at crystal ball, make money, once done make money again…huh. Walgreen missed earnings and stock is beaten badly, but hey, read the forecast here. Never mind WAG, what about CVS, upgraded but what happened? Probably they want to buy from you in moments of weakness and sell you when when everyone is feeling good about it. Isn’t it? I think it that way but I may be wrong.

WAG100107A.gifAnyway, let Mr Market decide the future for today (long term Mr Market will come back to its senses). I don’t mind +30% in less than 10mins of trading.

For the techies, G, Genpact, an IPO just crossed the watermark of $17.44. I had been bullish and I still am (till I sell it). Dow is within striking range for all time high (14021), watch-out. Sky is limit later on.

Cheers and profitable trading, OP

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