Food for thought – Results Update

Results update for the companies that have announced the results and were in my list that I had shared earlier. The results below are after market hours. Congratulations !!!  

  • NTGR – Up > 2.5%, CMG – Up >4% 
  • CECO – down > 6% 
  • HITT – Up > 8.7%, STMP – Up > 9% 
  • BWLD – up > 10% 
  • AQNT was almost flat but note it’s 52 wks high and announced great results. 

I consider this pretty good as 6 out of 7 name from my list who has announced results has moved (that’s what I want and don’t really care which direction it move as long it moves big). How much these moves finally, we’ll see it tomorrow when market opens.

Cheers and profitable trading, OptionPundit






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