Few More Words from OPN Subscribers

From time to time, I keep reviewing if OPNewsletter has been adding value to OPN subscribers. Making money is one thing, helping others make money is all together a different story. I am pleased to share that OPNewsletter continues to deliver its promise and at the same time our learning database continues to grow day after day.

Here are a few latest testimonials from relatively new OPN members-

I have only been with OPN for a few months but I will try and summarize my experiences.

The start for me was very turbulent. I can barely broke even on OP’s portfolio’s (even though all of them made money each month) and actively considered not renewing the service after first 3 months. I understood the basic concepts of calendar Spreads, Iron Condors , Double Diagonals etc. but really did not clearly understand the way ones needs to trade and get good fills. This took some real money and patience to understand how the market behaves. I am still learning this, but working with OP help’s and guidance I have made huge strides and profits. The key to this is how he adjust the trades based on the market direction.

The reason I would recommend this is that OP does not use any assumed fill to manage his returns. They are real, based on fills his subscribers get. I cannot name another service which does the same. The returns he posts, are clear and have a complete audit trail. When there are multiple fills at different prices, he is fair to take the ones at the middle.

The use of the online Forum to post his thoughts and clear insight into the risk and plans of the trade make it very simple and easy to follow him.

This is not a service for a hyper active trader or someone who can only look at their portfolio once a week. However if you are willing to invest about 1 hour each day, it can be a very profitable route. OP’s strategies are based on sound fundamentals and prudent risk analysis with great portfolio management.

Phoenix, AZ

Thanks Mufazzal. I hope to continue to add value to your learnings as well as portfolios.

Here are some more encouraging words from another subscriber who wanted to keep his name private.

Overall, I have nothing but good things to say out the service.

  • How is your experience with OPN?- I’ve been a subscriber for several months and am very pleased with the OPN service.
  • How is it different from other Newsletter services? – Compared to other newsletters, I believe that OPN outperforms other services. OP is always available to respond to any questions, comments and concerns. OP has also taken subscribers’ comments into consideration when putting out recommendations and analyses.
  • How is OPN keeping up with its promise?- Yes, OPN is keeping up with its promises.
  • If you were to recommend OPN to your friends, what will you say?- It’s a great service, well worth the price.

I would prefer to keep my name private, however, you can use my city – Los Angeles – and investment experience – 10+ years.


Thank you for your encouraging words.

If you would like to read more testimonials from OPNewsletter subscribers, pls read here or more here. If you would like to sign-up for OPNewsletter waitlist, pls click here.

Thank you for reading OPN customer feedback,

Profitable trading, OP




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    Thanks for this post :). But my question is how Spreadtradesystems are different from other option trading schools?

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