April expiration week begins now

Fresh from the pan:

  • Checkout downtown trader’s pick for some kool set-ups, I perticularly like ICE and will think about QID and TWMs as well.
  • Also checkout Vix-and-more for Bill’s explaination on why there is bearish bias in the market currently.
  • Jim has mentioned a very good article about Subprime and as per that analysis, NDE is the most affected one. Recall, this was the one I had highlighted in March here.
  • A lot of buzz around Blackstone going Public. Check out Investor Business Daily’s article on why this could be the next hottest IPO.
  • My friend at simplyoptionstrading highlights key earnings list for the coming week that I may use to screen plays.
  • Of course the big news of the day, buy-out of sallie mae (SLM) for $60/ share. What a windfall for the those who got in on last Friday.
  • Citigroup (C), Eaton (ETN), Eli Lilly (ELY), Mattel (MAT), Wachovia (WB) and WW Grainger (GWW) have all beaten the earning estimates and are adding fuels to stock futures, so keep your technical ready if you want to play intraday on any of these.

Profitable trading, OptionPundit






3 responses to “April expiration week begins now”

  1. OptionPundit Avatar

    Interestingly, even though the deal is worth $60/share, the shares are trading at only $55. Well, skeptics have their own say as, if this deal is approved, it will only close sometime late 2007.

    Profitable trading.

  2. downtowntrader Avatar

    Thanks for the like OP. I’ve been using TWM the past couple pullbacks and I really like it so far. There is enough volume in it for my lot sizes, and it has more volatility then the others.


  3. downtowntrader Avatar

    thats link, not like.. I can’t spell in the mornings.

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