An Irresistible Offer on Income Through Future Options (IFO) Service

Since we launched Income Through Future Options (IFO) service about a year ago, it has consistently lived to its expectation and its design objectives while delivering value to its subscribers. Here are 3 key statistics (more can be found on full track record here)

  • Total gains (Assuming ONLY 1 option contract per trade) = U$1,743
  • Winning Ratio = 66%
  • Average Trades per Month= 3.2

Just think about it, only 3-4 trades per month, with 66% winning rate, 2.5 times profit* (vs. the cost paid) in such a volatile environment. You can find full track record here. As simple, lazy and profitable as it gets.

How many highly profitable, yet less time demanding subscription services you could find for trading futures?

From July 22, 2013, IFO subscription fee will increase from current $49 to $97 per month. However, if you sign-up before July 22, you can continue to enjoy lower rate of $49 per month (that’s just $12 per week).

I encourage you take this offer and join us into one of the most credible, trustworthy and replicable newsletter service.

You can TRY it completely FREE for 14 days to test its strengths.

Key differences between OP Income Newsletter (OPN) and Income through FutureOptions (IFO) and

  1. IFO is aiming for a figuratively passive trading, only 3-4 trades per month; while OPN is relatively more active.
  2. IFO is primarily focused on Future Options, OPN’s focus is Indices, Stocks, ETF and all other major asset classes
  3. IFO is directionally biased, OPN utilizes NON-Directional approach and capitalizes on Implied Volatility moves
  4. OPN is very comprehensive portfolio based approach while IFO is more strategic price set-up based approach.
  5. If I were to invest in both service, I will choose 75% capital allocation for OPN and 25% for IFO.

Be well, stay healthy and take good care of yourself.

Profitable Trading, OP






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