AGIX Earning tomorrow BMO

AGIX is going to announce earning tomorrow (Feb 22) before market open. Let’s pay close attention to the announcement and figure out if there is an indication about FDA review annoucement date. Those who are planning to join the call may send their question to investor relation department of AGIX. Find out more details about the earning announcement here.

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  1. zoer Avatar

    Does the announcement of three key promotions within its research and development infrastructure indicate anything on its AGI-1067 ? 😉

    Estimated announcement date:
    …AtheroGenics was still working toward the goal of presenting the results at the American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions in New Orleans in late March.

    AGI-1067 is viewed by industry analysts as a risky project with a high chance of failure.
    Medford also said on Wednesday that a paper detailing results from a earlier trial of AGI-1067, which failed to show that the drug was effective but did show some regression in plaque levels, had been published in a medical journal.

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