AAPL Earnings!

Tonight after market close, Apple (AAPL) is going to announce earnings. Probably the most awaited announcement (except Google) that will set the tone for the tech companies. Once I close my FUL positions, I shall try to capture “my” thoughts and hopefully how to play. As a privilege to registered users, It will go to registered users first though. Stay tuned ! (Posted already, if you are registered, you will be able to view it).

Till then, profitable trading







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  1. optionpundit Avatar

    I have already posted my trade for AAPL tonight. Registered users were able to view it earlier. Its open to all now.

  2. […] Well, despite the great show, apple didn’t turn out a great show in the stock performance. Since I played non-direction on the earnings, I covered my short 95 call leg for $0.20. This resulted in $95 profit on $1365 investment i.e. 7% in one night. Though apple continue to fall as of this writing, I didn’t want to give my profits back to the market, so clsoed it for 7% profit. This closes my earlier posting about apple which were posted here and here […]

  3. David Avatar

    It’s a very interesting traded and strategy. If AAPL had move according to your prediction, wouldn’t your short of 3 X 95 Call be at a loss? You will have to buy back your short immediately when the stock move upward?

    Best regards,

    PS: I have been reading this site regularly. It is one of the best site I’d come across. Thanks for your unselfish sharing.

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