A very BIGGGGG day for me

Dear OP readers, thought I shall share this great news with ya’ll. I have just closed one of my property investments in Singapore for 11% price appreciation. This investment at one point saw a dip of 15%, to comeback all the way back to gimme profit. Economy is good and there is buying frenzy, I wanna get out. Though a very emotional moment for me, but it has given me gains that I have never collected in stocks and options trading in my whole life.

Profitable trading, OptionPundit






16 responses to “A very BIGGGGG day for me”

  1. azamaniac Avatar

    good for u.
    thumbs up

  2. Clarence Avatar

    cool.. congrats!

  3. Dan Avatar

    Congrats.Just like income trades you booked some profits. It took a little longer.

  4. Active Trader Avatar

    Congratulations! It’s always good to hear success stories…they’re always motivating.

  5. cash888 Avatar

    Congrats… Many people (including myself) who bought in 97/98 are still in the red….Cheers…

  6. simply options trader Avatar

    Congrats OP! I think now is abt the time to get out of S’pore property investment. Its getting a little manic…

  7. Robert L. Avatar
    Robert L.


    Just curious, what did you do before you traded options full time? How did you get into this?

    Congrats on the property deal. Glad to hear property still booming in Singapore.

  8. jaykaylo Avatar

    Congrats OP. What part of singapore, the Marina District 🙂

  9. jaykaylo Avatar

    Hopefully, it was one of the apartments in the Marina Area

  10. Downtowntrader Avatar

    Congrats OP. I’ve also made a lot more money on Real Estate rather then stocks due to the crazy market conditions we had a few years ago. South Florida was a good place to be. You’re doing the right thing getting out when it’s hot. You can always do it again if the market stays hot. Great Job,


  11. Options Trading Beginner Avatar

    Hi OP,

    Congrats! I’m happy for you. 🙂


  12. Samuel Avatar

    Hi OP,

    Million Congratulations..

    Also looking forward to more profitable trades ahead…

    Cheers !

  13. Kevin Avatar

    Good for you on the return! It’s always nice to make some bank.


  14. OptionPundit Avatar

    Thank you all for wishes and for the the kind words. I wish you all profitable trading and opportunites too.

    Regards, OptionPundit

  15. JMOT Avatar

    Hi OP, many congrat!

    Btw, how would you suggest for me to get educated with Real Estate investing in Singapore? Or, any books to recommend?

  16. OptionPundit Avatar

    Thanks JMOT.

    I didn’t read any book on this so I am sorry I don’t think I can make any recommendations. My formula was simple, as long as the rental yield is higher than the mortgage payments, get in (provided I can afford it during bad times). I also needed to look at the optimum point between appreciation due to market price and depreciation due to age of property (it was leasehold). Surely I might have given-up some profits (unrealized) by selling now vs few months later, but property market is very illiquid unlike stocks and options. It takes a while to sell property. So decided to get out now when the market it hot.

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